The initial design for the Bedrail Tubing Clip began as many inventions do with the idea that “there has got to be a better way”.  My mother in law, Diane, was in the ICU and was on continuous dialysis due to kidney failure as a result of chronic liver disease. She was attached to every possible monitor and had IV tubing snaking all around her bedside. As I looked on, puzzled by all of these tubes and wires, I noticed a pill cup and tongue depressor taped to the bedrail to manage the tangled mess of lines that were changed out after every shift. I asked a nurse about this set up and she shared with me that it was a common practice among them to keep various lines out of the patient’s way. I was struck by the contrast of sitting in this multi-million dollar facility with its high tech equipment, while the nurses were having to make their supplies like some sort of nursing MacGyver out of plastic cups and wooden sticks. There had to be a better way!

“There has got to be a better way!”

I quickly went to the hardware store and immediately began to bring to life the idea of our first prototype. I was convinced that this clip could be created in a way that could save the nurses the time of assembling all these random supplies together. It could function better than what they were currently using, but could still be inexpensive and disposable. Our design would keep lines tidy and secure, helping patients move more freely in bed. It could keep lines from accidentally being pulled on, and staff and  visitors from potentially tripping over them.

Diane’s tragic stay in the hospital was the birth of a family business and a great tribute to her life. Ingenuity Medical Designs LLC is now ready to take the medical market by storm and use the Bedrail Tubing Clip as our anchor product. We are looking forward to creating other unique products to aid medical professionals in daily tasks.